Dec 23, 2015

Get The Solution For All Of Your Financial Troubles With Canada Loan Shop

Are you feeling stressed due to financial difficulties? Are you overwhelmed by overdue bills? Get a help from us! Consider Canada loan shop for Car Title Loans and Bad Credit Car Title Loans and get up to $65,000 and bid good bye to all your financial worries!!

Bad Credit Car Title Loans are the ideal choice when you don’t have enough money to pay your rent. Canada Loan Shop offers a way to provide financial help when you’re in need. At Canada Loan Shop, we use the title of your vehicle as collateral for the loan. The amount of money you get is based on the condition and value of your vehicle.

We understand how challenging it can be  to get a loan with  bad credit especially during times  you need urgent financial help. Why turn to someone else for finances when you can use your own vehicle as a source of funds during your bad times?

What Are The Benefits Of A Bad Credit Car Title Loan?

  • Easy online application-You can compare lenders online and submit your application within minutes from the comfort of your own home. Quick turnaroundApplying online and submitting minimal documents are quick and easy! You can have your funds within the same day of applying.


  • Call Us for for Pre-Approval- Call our toll free number 1-844-572-0004 and speak with our professional sales team to see if your vehicle qualifies for a loan. .
  • Provide documents. We require minimal documents to provide the loan: a valid Canadian driver’s license, proof of residency, and an active insurance policy in your name.  .
  • Book an appointment with us. Once we have your documentation ready, all you need to do is to sign documents and receive the cash by the end of the day. 

Full Range of Emergency Loan Options

  • When you choose Canada Loan Shop as your loan provider, you interact with far more than “just another money lender.” No prepayment penalties– Pay off your loan whenever you want without any consequences!
  • Flexible Payments– We offer flexible payment options to meet all types of budgets..
  • No Debt Check– Whether you have well, bad or no credit at all, is no issue for us! When you loan with us your credit is not a factor.  Your car is your credit!

Call Us Now To Find Out More At 1-844-572-0004!

    How It Works

    What Is a Title Loan? A car title loan can be a fantastic way to solve short term cash needs by using your vehicle to borrow money rather than with your credit score. The amount you are able to borrow is based on your vehicle's value and condition, your individual loan needs, and your ability to repay.

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