Car Title Loans Barrie: Get Instant Approval with Canada Loan Shop!

Dec 23, 2015

Are you worried about your unexpected expenses in Barrie, ON? Do you need quick cash? Contact Canada Loan Shop and get the perfect financial assistance through car title loans, Barrie.  Canada Loan Shop provides fully secured car title loans that simply need a clear vehicle title as loan collateral. The loan amount is then based on your vehicle’s present market value and condition. Best of all, you can keep your car with you during the repayment period without worrying about any prepayment penalties and extra application charges.


Use your vehicle title as collateral to obtain quick cash and experience the best loan services. Our goal is to get you as much cash as possible while keeping your payments manageable. We have many years of experience in the car title loan industry. We have highly trained loan experts that will assist you and address any concerns you may have. To qualify you must have a clear car title, a valid Canadian driver’s license and proof of permanent residency.


Benefits of Choosing Canada Loan Shop:

  • Borrow up to $65,000 depending on the value and condition of your vehicle.
  • We have the lowest monthly payments which make it easier to pay back the loan.
  • Quick, simple and hassle-free application process.
  • Best loan specialists in the industry
  • Lowest interest rates in the market with no hidden charges.
  • Keep your vehicle while making payments on the loan.
  • Your vehicle title is utilized as security for the loan.
  • We provide a fair evaluation of your vehicle.
  • Get money as early as the same day.
  • Hassle free loan process.
  • Receive your funds and keep your car.

Apply for Car Title Loans in Barrie, ON today: 

  1. Call Canada Loan Shop or submit an online application.
  2. Submit the required supporting documentation.
  3. Review all the loan details and terms before signing your paperwork and agreements.
  4. Keep your vehicle and get your cash.

There is absolutely no need to worry about prepayment penalties, extra application charges, and messy paperwork. Our professional loan representatives are available to assist you every step of the way!

Call Us (Toll-Free) 1-844-572-0004 and Get More Information about Our Car Title Loans Barrie!

    How It Works

    What Is a Title Loan? A car title loan can be a fantastic way to solve short term cash needs by using your vehicle to borrow money rather than with your credit score. The amount you are able to borrow is based on your vehicle's value and condition, your individual loan needs, and your ability to repay.

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