Get Quick Car Loan in Vancouver, BC!

Dec 23, 2015

Vehicles help us with transportation, save a lot of time and can take you  anywhere anytime. Did you know your vehicle can help you during a financial crisis?  At Canada Loan Shop, you can get a quick car loan approval in Vancouver. It is the easiest way to get reliable financial help using the car you own as collateral to borrow money. Even though you have a bad credit score, Canada Loan Shop is the right loan provider for you because they don’t check your credit or care about your past credit history.

Get a quick  Car Loan in just 4 easy steps!


Canada Loan Shop provides a  hassle-free Car Loan procedure:

  1. Call Canada Loan Shop or submit an  online form and get a quick approval
  2. Provide  supporting documents
  3. Get a thorough explanation regarding the loan before signing
  4. Keep the vehicle and receive your  cash

Why Choose Canada Loan Shop for a Quick Car Loan?

  • Quick approval
  • Get cash on the same day
  • No long list of requirements
  • No hectic paperwork involved
  • No credit score checks (can apply with bad, poor or no credit score)
  • Keep your  car during the loan period
  • Lowest interest rates in the industry
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • No penalties on early payment
  • The Loan is  based on the vehicle’s condition and marketing value

Requirements for a Quick Car Loan in Canada Loan Shop:

The borrower must provide proof of permanent residence, and must be of legal age with a valid Canadian driver’s license. The vehicle must also be registered and insured in borrower’s name. You must also provide proof of your car details: make, model, year and kilometers. The vehicle also must be free of any liens or financial liabilities.

Canada Loans Shop is the leading car loan provider across Canada. We are dedicated in  providing Quick Car Loans, as we understand the importance of valuable time and money.

    How It Works

    What Is a Title Loan? A car title loan can be a fantastic way to solve short term cash needs by using your vehicle to borrow money rather than with your credit score. The amount you are able to borrow is based on your vehicle's value and condition, your individual loan needs, and your ability to repay.

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